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Background and collaboration

JAMK started working with a Nepalese higher education institution within the North-South-South
program in the field of health and social education since 2007. In April 2011, JAMK organized a workshop
in Kathmandu concerning the needs of the education sector development in Nepal. Over the years, JAMK has
also had several discussions with the Finnish Embassy and educational authorities in Kathmandu concerning
SSRP and the needs of the country in relation to developing teacher education. Based on these discussions
and the workshop in April 2011, Tribhuvan University – Faculty of Education was found as a partner. JAMK
also had the possibility to meet and discuss the needs of teacher training with the Director of National Centre
for Educational Development (NCED) in October 2011 in Kathmandu. Over the years, the numerous reciprocal
visits of the top management and the key experts of JAMK and TU have taken place, and JAMK and TU have
signed a Memorandum of Understanding concerning cooperation between the universities which remains
valid until 2022. These phases have created a long-lasting basis for the partnership between JAMK and TU.
The Finnish HEIs, JAMK and HAMK, have tens of years of experience in cooperation in national and
international projects in teacher education. Besides Nepal, JAMK and HAMK have implemented HEI-projects
in Vietnam together. HAMK has also cooperated with a Nepalese higher education institution within the
North-South-South programme in the field of health education. JAMK, HAMK and TU have implemented two HEI ICI projects: ToT Nepal in 2013-2015 and TTP in 2017-2020. This proposed project is based on the prior
collaboration with TU, but the partnership has been widened inside TU as ODEC is now involved in the
project, and outside TU as NOU is a recently establish university and a new partner.