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Impact of the Project

The strengthened capacity of HE to enhance equitable access to education through digital learning
opportunities and accordingly to provide students with 21st century skills, and thus, to implement the national
School Sector Development Plan (SSDP) 2016-2023 and Nepal’s new constitution.
Even though Nepal has clearly improved access to education there are still thresholds for enrolment to
schools for disadvantaged people and people living in remote areas that include women and ethnic
minorities, and people’s transition to higher levels of education. Therefore, it is vital to equip HE with the
capacity to provide diversified digital learning opportunities for all. Furthermore, there is a need to improve
the quality and relevance of education, and thus, to enhance development of 21st century skills which are
needed in ever changing societies globally. The assumption for the impact is that the government of Nepal
will continue to prioritize the education sector and its long-term development, as it has done in the past.