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Outcome of the project

The goal is to strengthen the capacity of HE to enhance equal access to education through digital learning
opportunities. In order to achieve this, the development activities aim to provide students with 21st century
skills. These goals also contribute to the national School Sector Development Plan (SSDP) 2016-2023 and are
in accordance with Nepal’s new constitution. The outcome of the project are:

Output 1:
• Newly designed Master’s programed on 21st century pedagogy focusing on digital pedagogy,
guidance and counselling, and critical thinking (equivalent to 36 ECTS).

Output 2:
• A guidance and counselling module. This will include one face-to-face, taught study module and a MOOC
designed for teachers and teacher students to support the HRB approach, to promote equity in
education, and to prevent dropouts among girls and representatives of excluded communities.
(equivalent to two 3 ETCS courses).

Output 3:
• Increased capacity of TU and NOU to promote integration of ICT and 21st century skills into existing
education programmes of all levels of education through workshop and training for educational
personnel at provincial and local governments.